All requests for access to Personal Information should be set out in writing & a nominal fee for copying of the information may be required.

Gil Ludwig, Q.C.
Patti Sinclair


Personal information is collected by the lawyers and assistants at the firm of Wilson Laycraft in order to promote that client’s needs. Personal information is also collected on our employees and potential employees in order to properly run the business aspect of the firm.

Personal Information may include sensitive financial or health related information and is collected in writing, in personal interviews, on the telephone, or by other electronic communications.

Personal Information regarding our employees is not released without the knowledge of our employees.

Once our legal services provided to a client are concluded the file is closed and stored as required for a ten (10) year period. We also retain information regarding employees for approximately five (5) years after they have left our employment.

Clients and employees are able to request access to their records or their Personal Information by contacting the lawyers for whom they worked for. In the event that the party cannot be contacted the person requesting the information should contact the Managing Partner.